Team One – Stephanie and Mel

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Stephanie Clemmons
Stephanie Clemmons is a small-town girl born and raised in Lancaster, South Carolina to two wonderful parents. Stephanie moved to Georgia in 2001 as she worked in corporate America for 17 years, and then started her own insurance business in 2008. She lives in Woodstock with her husband and dance partner, Mel. They have five boys, Aaron, Mel, Jay, Chase and Caden; and three grand girls. Stephanie has a strong faith and believes in giving back to the community, unselfishly. She and Mel have a foundation called the Superheroes Foundation which they formed in 2012. Balancing is an act for sure as Stephanie works hard to properly align faith, family, and finance. She enjoy sports, travel and philanthropy. Stephanie says in everything she’s done and acquired, one thing is for sure…the strength in numbers. The number of times she was told no; the number of times she was told that’s impossible; the number of times she was told she might want to rethink that; the number of times she was even told she’s crazy. Had it not been for those times, she would not have had the vision, perseverance, faith and focus to be where she is.

Mel Clemmons
Mel Clemmons is a local business owner in Marietta, GA. Mel grew up in Harriman, Tennessee and is a graduate from the University of Tennessee… GO VOLS! Upon moving to Georgia in 2001, he made a transition from corporate America to follow his passion to own and operate his own businesses. It was in 2003 when he opened The Mel C. Clemmons Agency. This would be the first of many startups as he continues to assist other business owners and entrepreneurs start and expand their businesses. In fact, it was this passion that led him to share his experiences and stories as he’s also an author of several published works. Mel and his wife, Stephanie, currently reside in Woodstock Ga, and have five sons and three grands. Mel enjoys traveling in his spare time and exploring new adventures with his family whenever time permits. He also enjoys coaching, mentoring and elevating others to their full potential. He is the founder of The Superheroes Foundation to nurture such potential. Mel lives by the mantra “BELIEVE”. Wherever you look and Mel’s present, you will see this message surrounding him. Mel says his success is a product of living his mantra daily.